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How to Ride an Electric Skateboard

Do you want to learn how to ride an electric skateboard? Willing to learn all the tricks and try it yourself? 

If you answer yes, we’d like to welcome you to the exciting world of electric skateboarding! 

As you’re reading this guide, we assume that you’ve never tried an electric skateboard, or it’s been a couple of years since you did skating last time. You may be a complete beginner who wants to skate. Whatever the reason is, we’ve got you covered. 

So, we’d suggest you warm up your legs and be ready to ride around the city with your skateboard. 

What are the Differences Between Regular and Electric Skateboards?

Let’s learn details about these skateboards in the table given below!

1. Durability

On the basis of durability, you’ll find normal skateboards are more durable than electric skateboards. As a normal skateboard doesn’t run on any kind of battery, you can use it for as long as you want without worrying about it. It can be used perfectly unless any part of it breaks down. 

However, that’s not the case with electric skateboards. It has a limited battery life span. You can use it for 40 minutes to 1 hour after it’s fully charged. 

As we all know, the normal skateboard is made of wood that’s durable and can stand wear and tear. In contrast, electric skateboard tends to have more robust materials such as motors, batteries, and electronics. 

2. Price

If you want an economical and straightforward choice, a normal skateboard is the best choice for you. Whereas if you’re looking for a little pricy but advanced features and functionalities, an electronic skateboard is the best choice. 

You can easily get a skateboard for the price range of $20 to $50 and an electric skateboard for $ 200 to $1000. An electric skateboard is more expensive as it provides you with more features like the ability to charge, improved speed and performance, etc. 

3. Shape 

You can find a normal skateboard in a twin-tip shape, where both the nose and tail are of the same size. Its deck has a uniform shape; however, it differs as per the brand. You can see it elongated from nose to tail, which makes it rectangular. Also, you’ll find a concave shape in the deck curve from side to side. 

The shape of your electric skateboard is similar to a normal skateboard. However, its perfect shape provides more control to users like us. We’d suggest you choose the width of the skateboard as per your riding style and preferences. 

4. Speed

If you’re an individual who loves speed, an electronic skateboard is the best choice for you. You can get upto 40 mph speed in electric skateboards. However, the speed might vary depending on the electric components, brand, quality, and other factors. 

In contrast, you can cover upto 5 to 10 miles if you ride a normal skateboard for upto an hour continuously. 

In a normal skateboard, you need to apply force to maintain speed. But a battery system powers an electric skateboard, so you don’t need to push it manually to maintain speed. 

5. Power Source

You won’t find any kind of power source in a normal skateboard. If you want to move a normal skateboard, you need to apply the physical force. You need to recharge the battery of an electrical skateboard from time to time as a battery powers it. Moreover, it might take a couple of hours to recharge your battery.

6. Terrain

You can ride a normal skateboard on a smooth surface as it is designed that way. For example, streets, skate parks, ramps, etc. It will be difficult to ride a skateboard like this in gravel and dirt. 

You can use an electric skateboard on both paved and rough terrain with ease, as it provides better shock absorption. Ride on all kinds of surfaces as per your choice. 

You’ll find small and hard wheels in a normal skateboard. But in an electric one, you’ll find big and soft wheels. 

7. Effort 

As your electric skateboard runs on battery and charge, you don’t need any form of physical effort to ride it. But in the case of a normal skateboard, you need manual propulsion. (A propulsion is an act where you push forward.) 

Along with propulsion, you need to maintain momentum while pushing your legs off the ground. 

If you like a little exercise, you can choose a regular skateboard. But if you prefer doing skateboarding with no effort, an electric skateboard is the best solution for you.

8. Community Restrictions

You can ride a normal skateboard anywhere as it is not restricted to any city or country. But, an electric skateboard is restricted in certain cities of different countries. For example, in Italy, you’ll get a speed limit of 30 Km/h, and you can ride only in pedestrian zones. 

How to Ride an Electric Skateboard?

If you’re an individual who knows how to control an electric skateboard handle, getting started is not a daunting task. However, even if you’re a complete noob, you can learn it in two to three weeks based on your own learning pace. 

Let’s find out the easiest way to get started in five basic steps! 

Step 1: Put on Your Safety Gear

Before stepping on an electric skateboard, putting on your brain bucket (helmet) is a must. Along with that, we’d suggest you wear elbow and knee pads and wrist guards. Falling off at speed will cause you serious damage. So, it’s better if you do the prevention beforehand. 

When you put on all your safety guards, try to put things on in such a way that it’s neither too tide nor too loose. This way, you’ll be able to focus more on your skateboarding. 

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with your skateboard 

As a new rider, you’ll have no idea about the remote control and the entire skateboard. Some of its features are: 

  • Load capacity: The load capacity of your electric skateboard is its ability to carry a certain weight. It shouldn’t compromise the performance.
  • Riding style: You need to determine where your skateboard can be ridden, like street or vert park, etc. 
  • Balance: You can balance your skateboard as per its features and your ability to ride it. 
  • Battery life: Your skateboard’s battery life varies as per the brand and quality you’re using. It lasts for 1000 to 2000 charge cycles. 

You can go through the instructions to learn easily!

Step 2: Check Your Settings (Hardware & Remote Control) and Trucks

If you want to enjoy your riding experience, it’s better to check the hardware and remote control settings prior to getting started! 

In the hardware section, you need to check if screws, nuts, and bolts are tightened or not. Also, make sure that your wheels are not unstable, or else you’ll have difficulty controlling your skateboard. Similarly, we’d suggest you check your drive system from time to time. 

The remote control of the skateboard includes a throttle (It helps you control the acceleration), brake, and direction control. You should also check the power button that enables you to turn on and off the device as a necessity. 

Step 3: Select the Stance of Your Skateboard

There are two basic stance options for your skateboards, they are: 

  • Regular Stance: In regular riding, you skate with your left foot as the front foot and push your electric skateboard with your right foot. 
  • Goofy Stance: Here, you start to skate with your right foot at the front of the board. Similarly, you push with your left foot to move forward. 
  • Foot Placement: You need to be careful about your foot placement. The deck of an electric skateboard is wider where you put your feet and narrower in the middle. We’d suggest you keep your back foot perpendicular to the deck. The condition differs as per the deck’s shape, so you need to play around to find your perfect foot placement. 

Most of the individuals have their natural stance. While beginning your skateboard, you’ll know which one is yours to get started with; choose whichever one you find comfortable.  

Step 4: Start to Ride

We suggest you choose a smooth surface while getting started for the initial ride. Then, kick-push your electric skateboard how you’ll ride normal ones. 

We’ll teach you two simple methods: 

  • Lean forward to accelerate (increase speed)
  • Lean backward to apply a break in your electric skateboard. 

Remember, while riding, you need to relax your body, bend your knees, and make it flexible. Don’t stiff your arms; let it open so you can have control over your body. Don’t increase your speed drastically; first, learn to ride at a slow speed. Later, when you’re comfortable, you can start to ride with increased speed. 

Step 5: Learn to Turn, Brake, and Fall

Once you start to ride comfortably, you need to learn to turn. To turn to the toe-side, you need to lean your body to your toes and apply pressure to the deck’s edge. Always remember to bend your knees to have a perfect balance. Similarly, apply pressure to the deck’s edge (outward) to turn your electric skateboard to the heel side. 

All in all, you need to pull back on the thumbwheel to apply the break. We’d suggest you lean backward while applying a break to prevent yourself from being thrown out. 

As funny as it might sound, learning to fall properly is very important in skateboarding. If you learn to fall properly, you’ll save yourself from major injuries. If you think you’ll fall, be relaxed; if you’re anxious, you’ll lose control of yourself. Then, try to lean away to protect your head first. 

Yes, practice how to fall properly to save yourself! 

Easy Hoverboard Tricks You Can Learn & Try

You can try plenty of tricks for hoverboards based on your skills. If you’re a beginner, we’d suggest you do easy tricks; if you’re a pro, you can do any tricks that you want. 

To make it easier, we’ve enlisted some of the best tricks that you can learn and try in skateboarding! 

1. Walking on the plank

You’ll be walking along the deck of the skateboard while it is in motion in this trick. Also, we’d suggest you try this trick after you’re comfortable with riding your skateboard fluently. 

Do follow these steps if you want to try out walking on the plank trick: 

  • Select Proper Setup: Before you begin this trick, ensure you have put on your safety gear. 
  • Start to Roll: Now, you need to maintain your proper momentum and speed for the perfect balance. 
  • Position your feet: You need to position your feet diagonally across the skateboard’s deck. Keep your one foot near the front bolts and another one near the tails. 
  • Control and Balance: It’s fine to do this trick as long as you want. But you need to make sure that you have full control of your body and over what you’re doing. 
  • Stop: You might find it tricky to stop your skateboard after doing this trick. To be on the safe side, we’d suggest you slow down your speed before stopping.

2. Cross-Stepping

Cross-stepping is an advanced skateboarding trick where you’ll be dancing and walking on your skateboard’s deck. In this trick, you need to balance your movements and fluid. 

We’d suggest you follow these steps if you want to try out the Cross-stepping trick: 

  • Select proper setup and warmup: Before starting your trick, we suggest you put on your safety gear after that skateboard, normally just as a warmup.
  • Cross front foot: Move your front foot toward your back foot. Then, place it on the other side of your back foot. 
  • Cross back foot: Move your back foot and step it across the deck. Then, put it near the front bolts. In the end, your front foot should be near the tail, and your back foot should be near the front bolts. 
  • Maintain the flow: Once you place your foot positions, control and maintain it as per your flow.

3. Chop the wood

Chop the wood, also known as Boneless, is a classic skateboard trick. In this trick, you need to remove your front foot from a skateboard when you’re riding. 

Here are the details steps for you to do the wood trick: 

  • Choose proper setup and warmup: We’d suggest you put on your safety gear to save yourself from getting serious issues. Then, before doing the trick, warm up to get a grip. 
  • Watch out for your feet position: Put your front foot near the middle of the skateboard and your back foot near the tail. Then, pop the tail of your skateboard with the back foot. 
  • Pop the tail: Pop the tail of your skateboard with your back foot. When the skateboard starts to move slightly, slide off your front foot from the board and swing it around the back leg.  
  • Permission: Now, you need to let your front foot swing around the back leg without touching the board when it is in the air. 

Best Electric Skateboard That You Can Buy Online

There are plenty of stores and websites to buy skateboards online. Not all of them provide the best facility. So, if you’re looking for an electric skateboard shop, Ride on Toys is the best option for you to buy hoverboards online. 

Right now, there are two amazing hoverboard options available. they are 

1. H20T Electric Skateboard Off-Road Longboard

H20T Electric Skateboard Off-Road Longboard is an amazing hoverboard that is designed to provide the most stable ride. Its 103 mm rubber tires are suitable for both beginners and pros. 

You can have a full remote control with four-speed and brake modes, each to meet your riding needs. Get access to lightning-fast acceleration with a powerful 1200W hub motor. As this hoverboard is unisex, people of any gender can choose it to use. 

It has a unique Teamgee board W-shaped foot socket that is designed to provide you with stable foot placement. 

Some of its specifications are mentioned below: 

  • Deck Material: 8 Layer Canadian Maple + 1 layer fiberglass
  • Tire Material: SHR83A Rubber Coated Rubber Wheel
  • Product Size: 94*23*1.5cm
  • Battery: 7.5Ah/9.6A Lithium Battery
  • Motor Power: 2*600W Power Motor with Dual Drive
  • Speed: 40km/h Max
  • Distance: 25km/35km Max
  • Max Tilt: 10-20 degree
  • Max Load:100kg
  • Charging Time: About 2 hours 

You can get this hoverboard from $607 to $847, depending on the features you choose. 

2. TeamGee Offroad Electric Skateboard 

TeamGee Offroad Electric Skateboard is a perfect skateboard with a balance of agility and power. It is designed to fit in with all levels of riders, whether they’re professionals or a novice. 

It is well known for providing high-quality features at an economical price. You can use any of its four different speed modes: L, M, H, and H+. Enjoy its 1200W powerful hub motor that can provide upto 25 Kph speed. 

This hoverboard has a sturdy deck that makes a longer commute fast and comfortable. You’re provided with eight layers of thickness and a high-efficiency Li-ion battery. Enjoy an amazing climbing performance where you can climb upto a 30-degree slope. 

Some of the specifications are mentioned below: 

  • Deck Material: 8 Layer Canadian Maple + 1 layer fiberglass
  • Tire Material: Wearable PU/SHR83A
  • Product Size: 94*23*1.5cm
  • Battery: 7.5Ah/9.6A Lithium Battery
  • Motor Power: 2*480W  Power Motor with Dual Drive
  • Speed: 25km/h (15.5MP/H), Max(You need to contact for the higher option)
  • Distance: 30km(Standard model) and 40km Max (Upgrade model)
  • Max Tilt: 10-20 degree
  • Max Load: 100kg
  • Charging Time: About 2 hours

You can get this hoverboard from $511 to $787, depending on the features you choose. 


Electric skateboarding makes skating more fun with settings, batteries, speed, power source, terrain, and more options. You’ll not learn skateboarding in a single day. So you may practice and learn things bit by bit. When you’re comfortable, you can start to learn tricks too. 

If you’re confused about where I should buy my hoverboard, we’d suggest you shop it from Ride on Toys. This store is trustable and provides the best facilities to its customers. 

Get an Electric Skateboard

Do an electric skateboard repair from time to time to be on the safe side! 

Happy skateboarding!

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