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How to Buy & Ride a Balance Bike?

If your kids can walk, you probably want them to learn how to ride a balance bike next. While buying a balance bike, there are various features and aspects that you need to consider. Right from the look, size, weight, seat height, brakes, wheel bearings, and more, you should consider everything. With a balance bike, your kids can learn how to balance and coordinate before pedaling to learn independent riding. Being physically active is important for your kids. With cycling, they’ll be physically active. In this article, we’ll cover the concept of a balance bike, its benefits, things to consider before buying it, the right way to ride it, and the place to purchase it.

Let’s get started! 

What is a Balance Bike?

How to Buy & Ride a Balance Bike?

Balance bike also known as a run bike, strider bike, or balance bicycle, helps your kids propel themselves by pushing their feet against the ground. With these bikes, your kids will learn to ride more independently and gain skills, including coordination, pedaling, motor skills, and more. 

Usually, most balance bikes have two wheels, a seat, and handlebars, but they don’t have a drivetrain (pedals, cogs, or chains). It is specially designed for kids from ages two to five. So, if your kids fall under this age, a strider bike is undoubtedly the right choice for them. 

Let your kids get started with a balance bike by keeping their feet on the ground. Eventually, when they have proper balance and coordination skills, you can keep the pedals. 

Balance Bike Benefits for 2 Year Old

Do you want to get a balance bike for two-year-old kids? We’ve noted down some of the benefits of strider bikes for your kids. 

  • Simple to Use: Your kid’s strider bikes don’t have a pedal, so nothing’s confusing or complicated about these bicycles. Your toddlers need to keep their feet on the floor and learn cycling by starting to walk without any obstacles.
  • Builds Confidence: Falling off a bike can be discouraging for your little kids. But with run bikes, that won’t be the case! Your kids can learn to ride a bike at their own pace without hurting themselves, which will boost their confidence. 
  • Master One Skill at a Time: When your kids ride a balance bike, it can be confusing for them to balance, steer, and pedal at the same time. But with a balance bike, they can learn one skill at a time, master it, and then move on to the next one.
  • Develop Motor Skills: Your kids learn motor skills like steering and balancing while riding a strider bike. It helps them learn how to coordinate and balance without getting hurt. As your kids will be riding their bikes, they’ll also be physically active. 

Things to Look for When Buying Strider Bikes 

If you’re thinking of buying strider bikes for your kids, here are some of the things to look at before the purchase: 

1. Weight

While buying a strider bike for your kid, you need to make sure that its weight is 30% of your kid’s. Usually, the bike’s frame and wheels are the heaviest parts. So, when you select run bikes for your kids, make sure that their overall weight is lightweight. 

If you buy strider bikes that are right for your kid’s weight, they won’t have any trouble turning around or moving. The lighter the cycle, the better! Not only for the kids, but it’ll also be more convenient for you to carry a light strider bike than a heavy one. 

2. Steering

How to Buy & Ride a Balance Bike?

The steering of a run bike allows your kid to use handlebars and turn your wheel around the way you want. Some of the balance bikes come equipped with a steering limiter that helps your kids maintain the handlebar in the right direction. 

Steering a strider bike is really easy for your kids as they don’t need to look after pedals or cranks. While getting a strider bike for your kids, make sure that its steering is lower and lighter, which will make your kids’ riding experience easier. 

Get a cartridge-bearing headset that’ll provide you with an unconditional steering experience. 

3. Saddle

When buying a strider bike for your kids, considering saddle height is important. Make sure that your kid’s bike saddle height is placed properly so they can push off the ground with their feet to walk or run. 

The balance bike’s saddle should be 0.5″ to 1″ less than the inseam of the balance bike. 

To help you understand things better, here’s a table that presents the inseam vs. saddle height range: 

The Inseam of Your Kid Saddle’s Maximum Height Saddle’s Minimum Height 
17″At least 19″Not More than 16.5″
13.5″At least 15.5″Not More than13″
11.5″At least 13.5″Not More than 11″

4. Wheels

A balance bike weight has the greatest effect on the overall size and weight of the bike. So, make sure that your kid’s bike wheels are lower, lighter, and agile. If you want cost-effective and puncture-proof wheels, plastic or solid foam tires can be a suitable option for you. 

Similarly, you can get less weight and economical wheels that are wrapped on tires and feature plastic moulded. If you want to give your kids a smoother-rolling wheel, get those balance bikes that have cartridge-bearing hubs and spoked wheels. 

You can buy your kids balance bikes with pneumatic tires, as they can roll better even on bumps. The air tires provide your kids with more grip and boost their confidence. Make sure that you shop toys for your kids by age.

5. Brake

Brakes are somehow optional for your kid’s strider bikes, as they don’t have much speed. If the bicycle doesn’t have a brake, kids will learn to use their legs to stop bikes during the ride. As a parent, if you want your kids to develop quick learning habits, you can purchase bikes with brakes. However, if you want them to learn at their own pace using their legs, it’s better to buy strider bikes that don’t have brakes.

6. Warranty

A lot of parents underestimate the power of a warranty. But we’d suggest you buy balance bikes that have a warranty. This way, if there’s any manufacturer defect, you can get it repaired or replaced as per the requirements. 

Make sure to buy your run bikes from renowned and trusted manufacturers. Purchase those balance bikes for your kids that have a lifetime warranty on the frame and a warranty on parts. 

7. Price

You can find different price ranges for balance bikes. It’s necessary to estimate your budget before the purchase. Then, you can search and get a bike that fits your budget. 

However, with a better price comes better quality. So, we’d recommend you get those bikes that will last throughout your kid’s childhood. 

The price of a balance bike can differ depending on various factors, like: 

  • Frame material
  • Brand
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Look of the bike
  • Models
  • Sustainability
  • Functionalities

How to Ride a Strider Bike?

Do you want to teach your kids how to ride a balance bike? You can help your kids master cycling by the following four steps: 

Step 1: Stand and Walk

If your kid is anywhere between 1 and 3 years old, you can teach them how to stand and walk. Initially, your toddler won’t be able to sit and ride, so they’ll just stand and walk. The time frame to learn the right way to stand and walk will differ from kid to kid. Some kids can do it in just a few days, whereas for others, it can take a few months. Remember, everyone has their own pace!

Step 2: Sit and Walk

When your kids are around 2 to 3 years old, you can teach them to sit and balance their run bikes. As your kid starts to learn and catch things easily, it’ll be convenient for them to sit and ride their bikes using their legs. You can take your kids around those kids in the same learning stage; this way, they’ll show more interest in learning.  

Step 3: Sit, Run, and Balance

Sit, Run, and Balance a Strider Bike

After your kids turn around 2 to 4 years old, they can get the grip of the strider bike. With time, they’ll want more speed, and that’s when they’ll start to run with their bike instead of walking. During this phase, you should run with them to protect them from any injuries. This stage will last for the shortest time, as it’s not that difficult for your kids to balance and run after they learn to walk. 

Step 4: Sit, Run, and Glide 

Gliding is something that your kids learn on their own. This is the final stage for them to learn to ride a balance bike. They’ll be able to take their bike anywhere and ride all the way smoothly without much fear of falling. After your kids learn to sit, run, and glide a strider bike, you can teach them how to ride an actual bicycle. 

Buy a Balance Bike for Your Kids Online

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Since 2018, we’ve been providing quality balance bikes for kids from 1 year to 5 years old to enhance their riding experience. The price of the bike ranges from $52 to $130, based on the bike you choose. 

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Buying a suitable balance bike is an important decision that must be made after understanding the right details. If your kids have wonderful experiences while riding their balance bikes, they’ll keep an interest in riding bikes and stunt bicycles in the future. As a parent, it’s important to buy a good strider bike for your child as per necessity. Then, guide them patiently while teaching them how to ride a balance bike. Be with them when they’re learning how to ride, guide them, and help them. Happy riding! 

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