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Selling ride-on toys since 2018

We are not the largest ride-on-toys store in the United States. And as crazy as it might sound, we really don’t want to be. At Ride On Toys, our goal is to provide quality, not quantity. We value our customers more than anyone. We want to create unique experiences for your children and help them create memories to last a lifetime.


Something special for everyone

Creating unique experiences requires time, and instead of popping out thousands of ride-on-toys like crazy to occupy the market, we take our time with everything. Safety mechanisms, accessibility, stocking up on the best cars, our processes are detailed. But we wouldn’t change them for anything. This is a part of what makes Ride On Toys so dear to our customers. And while we haven’t been in the business for long, we aren’t the clueless kid in the block either. Our employees have had decades of experience working with reputed ride-on-toys stores. And by combining their experiences with new ideas, we are ready to bring a smile to your child’s face.  

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